Jackie Prete
Ram Sangha Yoga

Welcome to Ram Sangha Yoga!

I want to welcome you to the Ram Sangha Community. In 1998 a magical experience brought one of my greatest dreams into reality.


From the moment I started teaching Hatha yoga in 1991,  I longed  to belong to a community of the spirit that would participate in programs and activities that move each member into  a deeper and more

loving connection to their own hearts.

In July of 1998,  while participating in a Shiatsu training at a Zen monastery in the Catskills, the monks invited me to lead a yoga retreat the following summer.. This life-changing event resulted in the birth of the Ram Sangha Community. 

We have gathered together many times since then to participate in retreats, workshops, immersions and teacher training programs that raise consciousness and bring everyone involved into a deeper and more committed relationship with their true essence.  The group was formed out of a shared vision of mutual support. We join together  again and again in celebration of the incredible miracle of embodiment.  

I invite you to become a member of the Ram Sangha Community.  Everyone is welcome.

Ram is another word for the Divine or Supreme Consciousness. Sangha means a gathering for the sake of the Higher Self.  

Come and join the Sangha! 

With great love and respect, 



A Warm Welcome